Creativity, Innovation and New Product Development

Creativity is an attitude here at Smalticeram. Change detection and innovation form an essential part of the company’s day-to-day life through the quest for new ways to enhance existing processes.

In ceramics, the minutest detail is able to convey emotions. That’s why Smalticeram channels significant resources and efforts into the “researching ideas” stage in order to develop cutting-edge products with fundamental and distinctive features that bestow personality and value to the product.

The company’s design methodology encompasses a constant search for solutions, drawing on its experience, highly-qualified workforce and state-of-the-art technology to produce customised ceramic prototypes.

Research, Development and Innovation Laboratory

Ceramic material joins forces with expertise thanks to Smalticeram’s R&D+i laboratory team’s experience and close collaboration with customers. The company identifies customers’ needs and activates mechanisms to provide solutions for ceramic production processes. Prime examples are the “Smaltink”, “SmaltiWhite” and “D3.0” technologies, the result of extensive in-depth research that symbolises the present and the future of ceramic decoration.


Smalticeram has designed one of the most sophisticated analysis laboratories in the industry, capable of painstakingly creating quality systems with the main goal of providing customers with the very best products and services.